Two Truths for Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

  1. Unstable blood sugar levels are driven by carbohydrates - protein and fat help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  2. Excess calories and being overweight cause a dysfunction in the body's fat storage systems and often results in unstable blood sugar levels.


A guide to foods to EAT for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Protein:  All meat including; chicken, fish, beef, venison, pork, lamb, cheese, eggs, lamb

Fats: Butter, olive oil, flax oil and coconut oil

All nuts and seeds in raw form

Carbohydrates: All vegetables except potatoes, all fruit in whole form and in moderation

Eating fat like butter!  Yes, eating butter will actually stabilise your blood sugar levels.  Watch the video to see how. 


A guide to foods to AVOID for stabilizing blood sugar levels

All packaged foods

Any food containing refined sugar like Potatoes and Fruit juices

Processed grains such as bread, Watch the video to see how processed grains effect your blood sugar levels.

Essential Supplements:  Vitamin D, Chromium, Vanadium.  Watch the video to find out why!


The information in this video will show you how to stabilize your blood sugar levels and improve your health  


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This video contains multiple strategies to help stabilize your blood sugar levels

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